Core School Administration

The school core system is the primal part of the application. It caters to the resource problems of the first three stakeholders of the school system; namely, the school administrator, the teacher and the student.


Accommodation Management
Allows the setup, on the application, of the schools boarding provisions.

Application Management
Provides an interface for capturing and managing online student enrolment application.

Assessment Management
Allows authorized academic staff to configure, enter, generate, view class or student assessments, view master sheets.

Bill Management
Allows authorized personnel to create, manage and Sends bills to parents as at when due or when initiated by the school’s authorized personnel.

Calendar Management
Allows session, terms, timetable, school event and other ceremonies or occasions to be created.

Class Management
Allows the setup of classrooms, Provides the flexibility to assign teachers to classrooms at creation or at a later time.

Payment Management
Bills are assigned a unique reference number to enable easy reconciliation, Seamlessly integrates the platform with payment infrastructure for web payments Manages a log of payment transactions and statuses, Sends notifications to the school and parents on payment execution.

Allows authorized users to configure portal, promotion criteria etc.

Character/Skills Management
Allows the setup of the various character and skill sets being monitored by the school.

Extra Curricular Activities
Allows the authorized admin user to setup and manage the school’s extracurricular clubs.

Student Management
Allows the setup and management of existing (in migration cases) students on the platform, Allows the creation of new students as admitted by the school, Allows the creation of parent on the platform.

Subject Management
Provides functionality for the creation, management of subjects and syllabus.

Teacher Management
Allows the creation and management of teachers in the school.

Resource Tool Management
Provides extra resource tools needed by the school.